the pink animal apps

The Pink Animal Apps has been working hard during this summer, building exciting new apps for the iOS Appstore.  

This website is the product of a summer project during my college experience that is dedicated to making fun, new and exciting games, any and all suggestions  are greatly appreciated.

Frog on a Log and Flight Frenzy are creative and unique game ideas never before seen or played on an iOS device. Download them now and get in on the action today!

Fun and new creative arcade style games and applications for iOS

Recipe Organizer

‚ÄčDeveloped for a cookbook author and food blogger to keep track of recipes.

Flight Frenzy

Use tilt controls to navigate your planes through dangerous obstacles!

Kitty Cat Chat

Send pictures of cat memes to your friends and find animal shelters that are close to your locations.

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the pink animal apps

Frog on a Log

Power Jump to catch yummy bugs and rack up huge high scores! Update coming soon!