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About Andrew and

Andrew is currently a senior at the University of Texas at Austin, pursuing a bachelors degree in Computer Science. Having studied various programming classes at school he is now spending his free time designing and creating fun arcade style games and productivity enhancing apps for iOS devices.


ANDREW VINOD is a startup software company organized by Andrew Vinod with offices in Grapevine and Austin, Texas that focuses on building high quality action/arcade games and apps for iOS devices using the latest tools and techniques. With successful games such as “Frog on a Log” and “Flight Frenzy”, and kitchen productivity tools as "Recipe Organizer," is recognized as an emerging presence in exciting and fun mobile application development with its attention to detail in design, graphics and programming.

The team leverages its creative and technical personnel as well as project management and testing resources to deliver games and apps that are engaging and fun to play, well constructed and delivered in a professionally bundled package.

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