Flight Frenzy

  • Earn historic planes as you earn higher scores.
  • Use tilt control to navigate your plane through obstacles.
  • Hot air balloons, ducks and UFOs will try to sabotage your flight.
  • Earn a variety of perks to aid you in your flight. 
  • Collect coins to rack up high scores and unlock new planes for your​ hangar.
  • Store your top 10 flights and scores in the Pilots Log.
  • Play anywhere, anytime as you can pause your game and resume when you​ are ready.
  • Use the settings menu to configure your play.



Unlock better planes with different strengths 

Dodge flying obstacles to keep your plane in the air

Collect coins to rack up a high score!

Get perks to add to the frenzy

Prepare for takeoff!

Have you ever wanted to fly vintage planes while avoiding obstacles and earning points? If so, this is a game for you. Each plane has different capabilities and strengths to satisfy every pilot. Maneuver your plane through the sky using the accelerometer on your device or touch controls while avoiding hot air balloons, ducks and UFO obstacles. Earn points by catching coins. The more coins you catch, the more points you earn. Earn perks to aid your flight including health repairs, to speed boosts and invincible shields. Test your flying skills. This game is amazingly fun and highly addictive. Share your high scores with your friends.
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