the pink animal apps

Frog on a log



Eat bugs to earn as may points as you can

Avoid the birds at all costs!

Get ready for a jumpy ride with a color changing frog

Watch out for the birds!

Have you ever dreamed about catching bugs? Catch yummy bugs by jumping up for them from the safety of your log. The more bugs you catch, the more points you earn. Use the power jump feature by touching the screen longer to jump higher and higher to catch even more bugs while dodging the pesky birds. If they catch you too many times, you are out of luck. Don’t sit on the log watching the flies and birds too long. 

This game is a lot of fun and highly addictive. Share your high scores with your friends.

  • Jump to eat yellow flies, blue dragonflies and rare golden dragonflies.
  • Power jump to catch more yummy bugs.
  • Catch Power Up bonus for extra points, slow motion or extra lives.
  • Avoid the hungry birds.
  • If you sit on your log too long it will sink.
  • Play anywhere, anytime as you can pause your game and resume when you are ready.
  • Use the settings menu to configure your play.

Catch Power Up bonuses for added fun