• Send pictures of your favorite cat memes to your friends.
  • Find animal shelters close to you on a map.
  • Get your animal shelter noticed.
  • Share the application with your friends to help a furry friend in need. 


find nearby animal shelters for adoptions

get your animal shelter noticed

Kitty Cat Chat

send pictures of your favorite cat memes

share with your friends to spread the word and help an animal in need 

It is the cat's meow!

Have you ever felt the need to send a Kitty Cat image to your friends and family? Then Kitty Cat Chat is the app for you! There are 10 lovable cats from which to choose. There's a Kitty Cat Chat for every occasion, whether you're grumpy, sad or happy! 

Also included in the app, is an animal shelter locator. You can find the nearest animal shelter to adopt a new furry friend in need and also get your local organization on the map. You might ask, "Why send a cat?" Our answer to that question is, "Because sometimes, an Emoji just isn't enough."


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