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Recipe organizer


flexible search capabilities

view your recipes in one place

keep track of your recipes in one app with custom categorization 

Keep your recipes organized and available on your iPad!

Developed for a published cookbook author and food blogger,

Recipe Organizer keeps track of your recipes. It is the perfect tool to keep track of all of the recipes you and others have created. You can arrange them in different cookbooks that suit your needs. It also allows you to keep track of wine and spirits you may have paired with your recipes.
Recipe Features:
- Easily manage your recipes.
- Create, edit and view your recipes.
- Rate your recipes using a 5-star system.
- Easy and flexible recipe entry can be customized.
- User specified categorization for cookbook names and chapters.
​ - Link recipes together to create meals.

Pairing Features:
- Easy entry for your spirits and wines.
- Pair your recipes with your favorite spirits and wines.
- Rate your sprits and wines using a 5-star system.
​ - Store your descriptions and tasting notes for future reference.
- Manage your spirit and wine experiences.

General Features:
- Clean and efficient layout.
- Advanced search capabilities.
- No internet connection needed.
- No login required.
​ - Portable and convenient.

Pair meals with your favorite spirits and wines